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Rain rain go away

July 10, 2016 Chris Jordan 0

Well I could say the rain stopped me starting on the head this weekend. But it merely delayed me. The main issue was the flood in the kitchen. 30 years of scale buildup in the […]

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Who left the lights on

February 15, 2016 Chris Jordan 0

The computer centre and beep reminders in the message centre are great. But I have gotten so used to the beep telling me the lights will go off 10 seconds after I leave the vehicle. […]


How blind can I be

January 14, 2016 Chris Jordan 0

OK, ┬áit’s been dark, cold, sunny etc. I have been in that dirty greasy engine bay sooooo many times especially and I dint notice. The starter motor isn’t held on by just one dodgy nut […]