Hot under the collar

old fans and new

Remember that new fan I fitted last year in May. Well my temp guage is heading into the almost red but I am not hearing any roar from the fan. Either my thermostat or pump is toast or the fan is no longer working correctly.

I just ordered a new thermostat which seems to be an 80Degrees C one. my old ones were 82….. odd. At the same time I found a genuine Land Rover TD5 fan for 30 quid. Bonus as this also fits the P38a 2.5 TD lump 🙂

I may as well do both at the same time.

Ill see if that changes anything. Then I’ll delete the airconditioning Rad an wire up those fans.

Then I’m on the lookout for an M51 compatible high flow pump. My nice new metal one didn’t seem to have such an aggressive set of blades as my old plastic pump so I think that is also an issue.


More to come.

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