Quick fix for poor starting when fuel drains back to tank

One way fuel bulb

One of the major issues that I have had running the car is the problem 9f leaky injector and leak off pipes. Air continually gets into the fuel lines and causes me to have to crank the engine to draw the fuel back up into the injectors. 

This is made worse by the fact my in tank pump has failed. So the engine doesn’t auto prime anymore. The injector pump does a good job of pulling the fuel up, with it does anyway. But I have been stuck with a dead battery a number of times in the winter months. 

This is made even worse by my hot start box that seems to leave the fuel cut off valve open for 30 seconds, so if the car doesn’t start straight away the fuel drains back to the tank for 30 seconds. And then I’m stuck. Well I was with my old battery and starter.

One relatively simple fix has solved this issue for now.. plus as a bonus I can easily prime my fuel system. 

On Peugeot diesels they still have the one way valve hand bulb priming pump. One of these with a 6mm or 8mm outer bore will fit inside the clear plastic fuel pipe between the fuel injector pump and the fuel filter if you cut a section about 3cm shorter than the pump bulb and it’s fittings.

I have not had a problem with air in my fuel pipe since fitting this. I did however have to change the bulb. Buy the best quality one you can and make sure it’s okay with diesel. One for a Peugeot will do fine.

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