Should I rip out the air system and put coils on it.

I can hear the shouts of ‘Put it on springs’ but thats so narrow minded. Why should It be on springs? whats so magical about springs for how I want to use it. I have seen so many threads about this with one or two members just adding put it on springs with no real though about it. They hated air, it frustrated them ,they put it on springs. Fine but why did you buy it. If you put coils on it your turning the suspension into that of a discovery 2. But on a wider body and a different setup. Also as far as I know the P38a is not type qualified to run on springs so insurance is going to be harder to get.

If you bought it for serious off roading where the air system worries you, you should have bought a defender or a discovery. Ditching the air removes some of the heart of a p38a.

However, if the air really is not fixable on your budget, and you love the car. Springs will keep it going and give  a good off roader. but you’ll loser the stability from dropping over 50, the ability to set your ride height and some wading ability. You also wont have to deal with the system failing in the middle of nowhere. If its right do it.

Personally I bought my P38a because it has air springs. It has a function others don’t. I don’t intend to go crawling up rock walls in it 100 miles from the nearest possible recovery.  There are a lot of high and low spec manufacturers who put their cars on air springs and other land rovers have them. But the P38a is an early attempt and it has its issues. Deal with each as they occur and its a great system. Treat it as a serviceable part and keep it in good shape.

For reliably consistent suspension. I cant fault springs and I wont.

For the P38a, its better on air.

‘But I got a 2 inch lift by putting springs on’ I get a three inch lift when I start the car and another two when I hit high ride height plus one in reserve with extended. And they can be adjusted…..

And if it all goes wrong and the air system is not reparable. Disconnect it as you would going to springs, but look at the air alternative systems. Its been 25 years there are systems now that are much newer that will fit nicely on the P38a. There are upgrades for other cars, shave you seen the defender with self leveling air suspension. That aftermarket system will fit the P38a. Yes its more than adding 4 coiled springs and changing your shocks. But look around, the P38a is big and I am considering a self leveling system when I finally cant fix the current system.



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