So hows the overheating going

Less boil over from the expansion tank
Less boil over from the expansion tank

Well its been two weeks now and about 1500 miles and I have overheated precisely once. I came close another day but I slowed down. It does however mean I am travelling at a blisteringly fuel efficient 55 miles an hour at most.

On the plus side I am getting 31 miles per gallon or nearly 600 miles to a tank. So I cant complain and its a lovely place to be sat there, following the trucks at 55. I put on an audio book and end up at my destination only a few minutes later.

The one time i did overheat I drifted up to 70 and was there for a while before The dreaded red light came on. I pulled over and had to bleed the rad. Now on that point I bled it again a few days later but since then i have only had to top up the fluid as I seem to be losing about half a litre every few hundred miles.

Yes thats right the expensive stuff, I have a bottle of Evans coolant in the boot. Wish i wasn’t going through it but if I was using water I would overheat and burst a hose in a few miles.

But it cant go on like this so i have ordered a replacement head. I still fear I have snapped  head bolt or broken the block. And I could really do with a full rebuild, but thats not going to happen on a sloping lawn.

First things first, I just hope the bolts come undone……



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