My greatest fan

Well sort of, I had to get a new fan for the engine. Driving it with the window open was getting painful to the ears, it sounded like it was going to spin off at times it was so loud.

After condifering long and hard I took a chance and bough an aftermarket fan off ebay for a 300TDI. What you say? But you have a BMW engine. Yes I do, but did you know the fixing is the same, in fact it fits perfectly.


The one on the left is for a 300tdi
The one on the left is for a 300tdi

Can you see the difference between the two? try the other side.

rear of fans
rear of fans

OK, there is a different set of bolts holding it on and the old on is filthy. But apart from that even the spacing of the blades is the same.

So my bargain £20 fan is a perfect fit. Went on just as easily as the proper one and after a worry squeal it was working perfectly. I also fitted a modified thermostat at the same time so the belt was wet hence the squeal.


So Bernard is now 1% defender 😉

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