Ok, its official, the radiator appears to be scrap

Expansion bottle empty
Expansion bottle empty

Well, I filled the radiator with water to the top, filled the system with Kseal ultimate, it already had Kseal radiator fluid in it. And after a 60 mile drive I stopped the car got out and heard a hiss folded by a constant stream of frothy fluid from the drivers side of the radiator.

When you shut off the engine there’s localised heat build up and a bit more pressure may build. It seems it’s that pressure in the system coupled with air in the system from a slow leak that is over pressurising the radiator. The document I saw rates them at no more than 1 atmosphere so it’s not a lot of pressure to split the seals. It’s basically had it now. It’s above the drain plug so not coming from there. It could be one of the extra connections for the manual oil cooler. Because everything’s behind that plastic cowling it’s impossible to see the actual a source of he led so far.

The only way I can see going forward is to check for combustion gasses then decide what do do.

All the time I keep coming back to issues with pressure and water. I think it’s time to bit the bullet and find a better solution.

As for radiators there’s plenty on the market but I’m still looking for an automatic radiator. Everyone seems to be selling these may ual radiators with the extra pipe holes. If I don’t need the fittings there’s just another leak point.



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