Expansion bottle empty

Still losing water

February 22, 2016 Chris Jordan 0

Dawn and blast. Went for  drive and it seemed not too bad,  utility went for a fourty mile drive and I’d lost an expansion tanks worth again. Looks like there is more than one leak. […]

No Picture

I need to grease my nipples

February 17, 2016 Chris Jordan 0

Well, it’s a job thats required as you get older on a regular basis. Prop shaft and u joint nappies I mean. It explains the vibration I get when I lift off the accelerator.  In […]

Frosty grumpy p38

Who left the lights on

February 15, 2016 Chris Jordan 0

The computer centre and beep reminders in the message centre are great. But I have gotten so used to the beep telling me the lights will go off 10 seconds after I leave the vehicle. […]

No Picture

Mwahahhahahhah it passed the MOT

February 5, 2016 Chris Jordan 0

Just a short note. It passed. It passed after 4 new tyres some welding and a bit of tinkering by my local Landrover independent garage. Joe Edwards is on my Christmas list.