old fans and new

Hot under the collar

March 2, 2017 Chris Jordan 0

Remember that new fan I fitted last year in May. Well my temp guage is heading into the almost red but I am not hearing any roar from the fan. Either my thermostat or pump […]

Frosty grumpy p38

Its Snowing!

February 11, 2017 Chris Jordan 0

Ok well there were at least 7 no wait 8 flakes. The site has been hibernating for a little while. Its time for a revamp. Bernard just passed his MOT with NO ADVISORIES!!!. Not even […]

No Picture

Rain rain go away

July 10, 2016 Chris Jordan 0

Well I could say the rain stopped me starting on the head this weekend. But it merely delayed me. The main issue was the flood in the kitchen. 30 years of scale buildup in the […]

Less boil over from the expansion tank

So hows the overheating going

June 12, 2016 Chris Jordan 0

Well its been two weeks now and about 1500 miles and I have overheated precisely once. I came close another day but I slowed down. It does however mean I am travelling at a blisteringly […]